A Dangerous Side Of In-Line IV Filters When Used For Vasoactive Infusions In Infants

Destiny Chau, D, Gish,B, Tzanetos, D, Zhang, C. A dangerous side of In-Line IV filters when used for vasoactive infusions in infants. J Anesth Safety Patient Foundation. 2013; 28(2)


In-line IV filters are commonly used in pediatric patients with congenital heart disease. The main purpose is the prevention of air from reaching the systemic circulation with resulting potential catastrophic effects in this patient population. Other advertised benefits include the filtering of fluid contaminants such as undissolved drug particles; precipitates; bacteria; endotoxins; fragments of glass, plastic, or rubber; and large lipids. Negative aspects of in-line IV filters include reduction of infusion flow rates secondary to filter clogging and added costs.

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