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ClearLine IV is the only FDA-cleared product to detect and remove air from IV lines continuously. Air can be introduced easily into your lines when a bag is insufficiently de-aired or emptied, or while changing a bag or injecting medications. This creates a potentially catastrophic clinical event. Now, there is finally a way to detect and remove this air automatically and avoid the long-term clinical complications, extended hospital stays and medical liability costs associated with air embolisms.

Constant Vigilance Against Dangerous Air Intrusion

  • Detects air in IV lines using software-controlled, ultrasound sensing technology
  • Automatically diverts air in the IV line to a collection bag when it is detected so it never enters the patient’s vasculature
  • Redirects necessary fluids to the patient line after the air is entrapped, ensuring continuous fluid flow to the patient without manual intervention
  • Works with any pump, warmer or IV bag set

Visually inspecting lines and manually removing air is the current standard of care for removing an air mass in IV lines, resulting in inconsistent monitoring and avoidable, adverse outcomes. ClearLine IV detects air masses as small as 25 microliters, which is 50% smaller than today’s technology. This easy-to-use, hands-free device significantly reduces the potential for human error when inspecting lines. It works with all pumps, warmers and IV bag sets to deliver fluid safely to the patient.

Air Embolisms

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), air embolisms are the second most common serious, preventable, adverse event.1 An air mass can enter the body through a vein and travel quickly to the brain, heart or lungs.

Some complications include:

  • Mortality
  • Coma/encephalopathy
  • Paralysis
  • Vascular complications
  • Neurological complications
  • Stroke
  • Cardiac arrest
1Health Reporting and “Never Events,” Andrew Miller, MD, MPH

Hospital Costs

Air embolism treatment costs range from $8,000-$12,000 per case. This avoidable problem also may result in large settlement payout costs for hospital administration. A FDA total product life cycle report on infusion pumps2 showed that 3% of issues were caused by air embolisms with a 30% mortality rate.

Case law data according to a Frenkel + Company report3 on air embolism settlement and jury verdict values:

State Patient Damage Settlement
Maine 3-day-old infant Brain damage, cerebral palsy and quadriplegia $2.5M to the family because air was not removed from the IV line during intestinal surgery
Wisconsin Male infant Brain damage $2.3M to the family for an air mass in an IV line during a blood transfusion
Washington 1-day-old infant Death $750,000 to the family because a doctor allowed an air embolism during a blood transfusion

2 Chubb internal reporting
3 Frankel + Company internal reporting