At ClearLine MD, we believe that there is currently a significant, unfulfilled need in areas utilizing IV lines and this results in a continuous series of harmful events resulting from air-in-line being administered to patients. This belief stems from an incident involving our founder’s daughter, where a patient was almost lost because of this problem. Thankfully, there was a heroic effort which prevented serious harm to this patient.

ClearLine MD employs all of our resources to deliver state of the art products which will protect patients from the dangers of air-in-line. Our sole purpose is to provide products which will improve patient outcomes and ease the burden currently placed on care-givers in order to protect patients from air-in-line. It is our duty and our honor to provide solutions to the growing epidemic of air-in-line events and we appreciate all the support that others have provided to help us in our quest.


Constant vigilance is required to ensure that air never enters your patient. Now the Clearline IV offers this constant vigilance automatically and reliably


Founder And Product Advisor

Ihsan Haddad is an inventor, company founder and product advisor at ClearLine MD. He developed and patented the ClearLine IV device to create a solution to a preventable and life-threatening event, air embolism. It was his personal experience with catastrophic impact of air embolism that fueled Mr. Haddad to engineer, patent and found the predecessor companies, SurgiProbe, Inc., Ashland, Mass.and Anesthesia Safety Products, Inc., Woburn, Mass. Anesthesia Safety Products became ClearLine MD in 2016.
Prior to ClearLine MD, Mr. Haddad founded and led Vascular Technology, Inc., from 1985 to 2000. Based in Lowell, Mass., Vascular Technology developed, patented and produced advanced medical technology for pH myocardial preservation techniques, inter-operative blood flow detectors utilizing doppler ultrasound instrumentation and oxygen gas sensors for inter-operative and industrial use. As CEO of Vascular Technology, Mr. Haddad developed techniques for high volume Doppler production and pioneered in the production of a novel disposable pH cardiac tissue sensor.
Mr. Haddad started his career at Instrumentation Laboratory, Inc. in Lexington, Mass and, concurrently, with a joint venture, coined Ingold Electrodes, Inc. in Andover, Mass. During this time he led the research and manufacture and marketing of medical, industrial and laboratory Oxygen and glass pH electrodes. He served as Group Vice President of Sensorlab and President of Ingold Electrodes, Inc., until founding Vascular Technology. Mr. Haddad was instrumental in ensuring the high standard of quality, manufacturing processes, and sales at all of his former ventures.
Mr. Haddad graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with both his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering in 1955 and his Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering in 1956. Mr. Haddad presently holds 16 patents and has numerous patents pending.

Rick Romeo


Mr. Rick Romeo joined ClearLine MD in 2014  to complete product development for commercialization. He has more than 20 years’ experience in global operations leadership roles for medical device companies.
Prior to joining ClearLine MD, Mr. Romeo worked in various leadership roles at Analogic for more than fifteen years. Most recently he managed the transfer of Analogic’s product manufacturing from the U.S. to Shanghai China, where he was based for nearly five years.
Mr. Romeo attended the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) program from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Now you can avoid long-term clinical complications, extended hospital stays and medical liability costs caused by air embolisms.

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